Diecography/Album Reviews

Diecography/Album Reviews

1983 Animal (F**k Like A Beast)
1984 W.A.S.P.
1985 The Last Command
1986 Inside The Electric Circus
1987 Live...In The Raw
1989 The Headless Children
1992 The Crimson Idol
1994 First Blood...Last Cuts
1995 Still Not Black Enough
1997 K.F.D. (Kill F*** Die)
1998 Double Live Assassins
1999 Helldorado
2000 The Best Of The Best
2000 The Sting
2001 Unholy Terror
2002 Dying For The World
2004 The Neon God: Part 1 - The Rise
2004 The Neon God: Part 2 - The Demise

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